Seasonal daytrips

Rapsfeld For the nature lover Mecklenburg is a wonder. Either with a bike or by hiking you will find fields rich in color, hills or forests.

Mecklenburg farm lands reveal their golden colored fields.

Or the rolling hills poppy fields can be seen as well.

A pure fasinating area where nature brings you peace and quiet.



 Also a perfect place for fishing and swimming.  
Pferdekoppel Enjoy the peaceful panoramic view, where you may see deer and their young ones roaming the fields.

This is nature at its best

The ever changing seasons has something for everyone, be it young or old.
In autum the Müritz Nationalpark reveals its gold and brown colors.
Wald und Wiese


Take a bike tour with our bikes for adults, children, even bikes with a child seat.
We are certain you will enjoy a tour through our hills and forests.

Visit the Müritz protective park where near extint animals and plants can be seen.
Or visit the ”Müritzeum” in Waren. And for the farm lovers the museum “Agrarhistorisches Museum” in Alt Schwerin is a must

Approximatly 15 km away is the small town Penzlin, well known for the ‘witch’s cellar’. See where it took place. For an English tour ask your host / hostess to make an appointment.I Kleinstadt Penzlin
Hafen in Waren an der Mürit Visit the Müritz, it’s the largest ‘inland’ sea, Germany has to offer.
Not far away is the Heinrich-Schliemann-Museum. In Ankershagen is where this ‘Troja’ inventor spent hischildhood Museum Ankershagen
The area has many worthwhile sights all which are explained in the flyers in your cottage.

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If you are interested or have questions about us, please send an email. We await our visit.

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